How to print Evri label in store vinted?

How to Print an Evri Label in a Vinted Store

Vinted is an increasingly popular online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand clothes, accessories, and other items. As a Vinted seller, ensuring a smooth shipping process is crucial for maintaining good ratings and ensuring customer satisfaction. One of the essential steps in this process is printing a shipping label, particularly if you are using Evri (formerly Hermes) as your shipping provider. This article will guide you through the steps to print an Evri label from your Vinted store.

Step-by-Step Guide to Printing an Evri Label on Vinted

1. Confirm the Sale

Before you can print a shipping label, you need to confirm a sale. When a buyer purchases an item, you will receive a notification in your Vinted app or via email. Confirm the sale by going to your “Inbox” or “Sold Items” section and ensuring all details are correct.

2. Prepare Your Item for Shipping

Once the sale is confirmed, prepare your item for shipping. Ensure it is clean and properly packed. Use appropriate packaging materials to protect the item during transit.

3. Access the Shipping Label

  • Open the Vinted App or Website: Log into your Vinted account.
  • Go to Your Sold Items: Navigate to the “My Orders” or “Sold Items” section.
  • Select the Relevant Order: Find the order for which you need to print a shipping label.
  • Generate the Shipping Label: Click on the “Get Shipping Label” button. This will generate a digital Evri label for your order.

4. Print the Shipping Label

  • Download the Label: Once the label is generated, download it to your device. The file is typically in PDF format.
  • Open the File: Use a PDF reader to open the downloaded label.
  • Print the Label: Connect your printer to your computer or mobile device. Ensure you have A4-sized paper loaded in your printer. Click on the print icon in your PDF reader or use the print function in your device’s operating system. Make sure the label is printed clearly and is legible.

5. Attach the Label to Your Package

  • Cut Out the Label: Carefully cut out the printed label along the designated lines.
  • Affix the Label: Use clear packing tape to affix the label securely to your package. Ensure the entire label is visible and the barcode can be easily scanned.

6. Drop Off the Package

  • Find a Drop-Off Point: Locate your nearest Evri drop-off point using the Evri website or app.
  • Drop Off the Package: Take the package to the drop-off point and hand it over. Keep any receipt or proof of drop-off you receive.


Printing an Evri label for your Vinted store is a straightforward process that involves confirming the sale, generating the label, and printing it using a standard printer. By following these steps, you can ensure that your items are shipped efficiently and reach your buyers promptly. Properly managing the shipping process helps maintain your seller reputation on Vinted and encourages positive reviews from satisfied customers. Whether you are a seasoned Vinted seller or new to the platform, mastering the art of printing and attaching shipping labels is key to a successful selling experience.