Coil Binding London




Coil binding is a widely used book binding method where a series of small metal or plastic coils are inserted through a set of small punched holes along the edge of a stack of papers. Coil binding is also known as Spiral binding since it looks like a spiral once the binding process is complete.

This binding technique allows you to keep the documents or the book lay flat or fold back according to your convenience. You can also open and close the coil spine comfortably whenever you need, thus it makes handling and reading much easier.

Coil binding is a necessary binding service for students, businesses, different field professionals, writers, and even for individuals who need it for specific purpose.

Companies often need coil binding service to prepare training materials, presentations, manuals, and other internal documents. Students require coil binding services for class reports, projects, and presentations. Field professionals like engineers, architects, and designers also need coil binding for portfolios or project proposals.

Authors, poets, and self-publishers also require coil binding service for manuscripts, chapbooks, or other small book projects. Even, anyone who wants to create a personalized photo album, scrapbook, or recipe book may choose coil binding to make a durable and professional looking book.

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