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Japanese binding, also known as Japanese stab binding, originated in Japan as a traditional bookbinding technique. It involves sewing together the pages of a book, journal, photo album, or scrapbook using a series of holes punched along the spine edge of the pages. In Japan, it is called YotsumeToji, which means ”four holes”. Typically, four holes at the spine edge are punched to tie a certain amount of pages. As there is no use of adhesive or other complicated instruments rather than an awl, thread, and paper, the Japanese binding method is very cost-effective.

The Japanese book binding method generally involves cutting the papers into two equal halves, aligning them neatly, and then creating a series of holes along the left edge. The holes are then threaded with a decorative thread, such as silk or linen, to create a more stylish binding look. Using different thread types makes it both functional and visually appealing. Also, the manifold binding pattern can be applied according to your taste and requirements.

Japanese rope binding:

Due to its ability to withstand frequent use and handling, the Japanese rope binding method is popular among bookbinders and artists. Individuals who enjoy making handmade books or journals may also choose Japanese binding to create durable and visually exciting binding for their projects.

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