Tape Binding London




When it comes to document binding methods, there are a good number of options you can choose from according to your convenience. Tape binding is another simple and cost-effective binding technique through which you can get durable and professional-looking documents easily. Unlike other binding methods, such as hardcover binding or perfect binding, tape binding does not require any special training or equipment; and the process is as simple as it sounds.

In simple terms, tape binding is a binding technique where a strip of tape is used to bind pages of books or documents together. Usually, the tape is made of durable polyester or nylon material, which is flexible enough and comes in different colour variations in alignment with the document’s theme or cover.

The binding process typically includes applying a strip of tape along the spine border of the document’s pages, covering the binding edge or punched holes. When the strips are heated and melted onto the spine and covers of a book, they form a robust and long-lasting bind that keeps the pages securely in place.

Tape Book Binding London:

As a business individual, tape binding can be a perfect choice for you if you want to bind short reports, presentations, manuals, or proposals on a limited budget. If you are a student, you can conveniently bind assignments, dissertations, or thesis papers using this special binding technique. Moreover, if you need to bind training manuals, employee handbooks, fundraising booklets, and documents for conferences, meetings, or seminars, you can simply choose tape book binding service.

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