Comb Binding London




Looking for a cost effective binding format to bind short reports, proposals, presentations, manuals, or small projects? Well, comb binding is the solution here. In simple words, comb binding is a binding technique that entails punching holes along the edge of a document and inserting a plastic comb through the holes to hold the pages in place.

The comb has multiple “teeth” that interlock with the holes, securing the pages and allowing them to lay flat when opened. The plastic comb binding can be customized by selecting the colour and size of the comb, as well as the front and back cover of the document. To be more specific, comb binding ideal for documents that require frequent updates and also professional-looking finish.

Luckily, at Print shop London, we provide the best comb binding service London you can find in town according to your convenience. Our comb binding service is pretty simple and you do not require any special equipment or tool to bind your documents or papers. Simply bring us your printed pages, and we will take care of the rest. We can even help you with the design of your covers if you need it.

Our comb binding London service allows you to customize the cover of your document with a clear or opaque front cover, a back cover, and a spine insert. We offer a variety of colours and sizes for the comb, so you can create a professional looking document that meets your specific needs.

Plastic comb binding London:

Our plastic comb binding London service is a cost-effective option for binding small to medium-sized documents. It is an excellent alternative to more expensive binding methods such as perfect or hardcover binding. Our pricing is transparent, and we always try our best to offer competitive rates to our clients. If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective comb binding service in London, then just order through our website or come to our shop for an instant service right away!