How much to print photos at boots?

How Much to Print Photos at Boots?

Printing photos is a timeless way to preserve cherished memories. With the convenience of digital photography, the demand for high-quality photo printing services remains strong. One popular destination for photo printing in the UK is Boots, a renowned pharmacy chain that offers a variety of photo printing options. This article explores the costs associated with printing photos at Boots, including different sizes, finishes, and additional services, and concludes with an assessment of the value these services provide.

Photo Printing Services at Boots

Boots offers a comprehensive range of photo printing services, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Customers can print photos directly from their smartphones, memory cards, or social media accounts at in-store kiosks, or they can place orders online for home delivery or in-store pickup. The available options include standard prints, enlargements, posters, and photo books, among others.

Pricing for Standard Prints

The cost of standard photo prints at Boots varies based on size and quantity. Here’s a breakdown of the typical prices:

  • 6×4 inches (10×15 cm): Prices start at £0.10 per print when ordering 100 or more prints online. For smaller quantities or in-store printing, the price may be higher, often around £0.15 to £0.25 per print.
  • 7×5 inches (18×13 cm): These prints cost approximately £0.50 each. Bulk orders may reduce the price per print.
  • 8×6 inches (20×15 cm): Priced at around £0.99 per print, with potential discounts for larger orders.

Enlargements and Posters

For those looking to print larger photos, Boots provides a range of enlargement options:

  • A4 size (8.3×11.7 inches): Typically costs around £2.50 per print.
  • A3 size (11.7×16.5 inches): Priced at approximately £6.00 per print.
  • Posters (up to A0 size): Can range from £10 to £20, depending on the specific dimensions and finishes chosen.

Photo Books and Other Products

Boots also offers custom photo books, calendars, and various photo gifts. The cost of photo books depends on the size and number of pages:

  • Softcover Photo Books: Starting from £5.99 for a 20-page book.
  • Hardcover Photo Books: Prices start at £14.99, with additional pages available for an extra cost.

Calendars, mugs, and canvas prints are other popular options, with prices varying based on size and customization levels.

Additional Services and Finishes

Customers can choose from various finishes for their prints, including glossy and matte, with no significant price difference between the two. Additionally, Boots offers editing services, such as red-eye removal and photo enhancements, usually included in the base price.


Printing photos at Boots is a convenient and reasonably priced option for preserving your favorite memories. The pricing structure is flexible, catering to both small and large orders, and the variety of services ensures that customers can find exactly what they need. While there might be cheaper alternatives available online, the quality and convenience of Boots’ photo printing services, along with the ability to order in-store, make it a valuable option for many. Whether you’re printing standard snapshots, enlarging cherished photos, or creating personalized gifts, Boots offers a reliable and accessible solution for all your photo printing needs.